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Derek Shebby
Derek Shebby

If you want your salespeople to learn from a proven success, then you are in the right place.

Award winning sales executive and trainer Derek Shebby worked with Xerox Corporation for 17 years. Over his tenure he was a top sales performer, top sales manager and a 13 time Sales President’s Club Award winner. He has coached and developed sales reps from the start of their careers through to becoming top-earning executives.

During his time at Xerox, Derek’s local branch grew from $40 million to become a $100 million organization. Derek facilitated this growth by developing the organization’s new hires, major account reps, leadership in training, and sales management teams.

Modern Sales Training was created to help B2B salespeople around the world learn results based tactics that help one differentiate themselves and their offerings, build value and maximize profit in their deals.

Through Modern Sales Training, Derek has coached over 15,000 salespeople and teams around the world with his no fluff sales tactics. His courses are BEST SELLERS on leading platforms because they lead to results.

Due to popular demand, Modern Sales Training courses are now available through his Modern Sales Training Academy.

If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to Derek's team at [email protected]

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